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Self-taught, Tamara Steinborn has been designing jewellery for 25 years since first asking the simple question: "What would I like to wear?" This question lead to the foundation of Früg in 2000, and the start of the creation of hundreds of unique designs that are now found in over 150 stores across Canada. Currently, she designs two lines under the Früg banner: Früg and her eponymous line, Tamara Steinborn Jewellery. Always evolving and learning, she likes to keep things playful and interesting. "I have a pretty unfocused and crazy approach to design. I don't care if I'm hammering wire, sifting through old New York or Rhode Island jewellery warehouses, grinding metal, stringing beads, or just drawing an idea on a napkin during dinner. I love it all. I believe the key to my creativity is that I don't stay still. It's not in my nature."




Tamara Steinborn



Nathan's grandfather, after whom he was named, was a jeweller and watchmaker with a shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Nathan never met his grandfather, but after meeting Tamara at University, the family trade was brought to life again and provided a way for him to connect with the past. Nathan took just enough night classes in metal fabrication and the lost wax casting method at Sturgeon Creek Jewellery School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to be a danger to himself in the studio, forgoing traditional jewellers' carving tools for Xacto blades and other custom made tools, but his attention to detail and interest in learning new techniques has mostly kept him out of trouble. Over the years, he has become equally dangerous at photography, graphic design and building trade show booths and store fixtures. 




Nathan Dubo
Dear friends, our online store is temporarily closed while we determine next moves due to Covid-19. We are well and hope you are staying safe.
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